You can take a look at some of the stars of J.J. Abrams latest film in a new way on newsstands tomorrow. Total Film has unveiled four new magazine covers for its March 5 issue that feature four characters from Star Trek, which hits theaters on May 8. These aren't your normal magazine covers, though, as they will be presented in brand new foil coverings.

Total Film is celebrating the return of Star Trek to the big screen later this year with four collectors' covers featuring a new foil cover treatment. RELATED: Star Trek Cast Deals Aren't Done for New Movie Yet

Star Trek film characters Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero will feature on the covers of the latest issue of Future's Total Film, which goes on sale this Thursday 5 March.

The issue uses an innovative method of printing pioneered in Japan where the cover is printed directly onto foil with UV-cured inks. The cover was created with the support of Paramount Pictures.

Take a look at the new cover images below.

Star Trek Total Film Cover #1
Star Trek Total Film Cover #2
Star Trek Total Film Cover #3
Star Trek Total Film Cover #4