Foreign Language Oscar: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (news - web sites) had invited 89 countries to submit films; the number of submissions represents seven fewer titles than last year, when a record 56 countries submitted films.

Submissions, revealed yesterday are as follows...

Afghanistan (news - web sites), Earth and Ashes, Atiq Rahimi;

Argentina, A Lost Embrace, Daniel Burman;

Austria, Antares, Gotz Spielmann;

Belgium, The Alzheimer Case, Erik Van Looy;

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Days and Hours, Pjer Zalica;

Brazil, Olga, Jayme Monjardim;

Bulgaria, Mila From Mars, Zornitsa Sophia;

Canada, Far Side of the Moon, Robert Lapage;

Chile, Machuca, Andres Wood;

China, House of Flying Daggers, Zhang Yimou;

Croatia, Long Dark Night, Antun Vrdoljak;

Czech Republic, Up and Down, Jan Hrebejk;

Denmark, The Five Obstructions, Jorgen Leth and Lars von Trier;

Ecuador, Chronicles, Sebastian Cordero;

Egypt, I Love Cinema, Osama Fawzy;

Estonia, Revolution of Pigs, Karlo Funk;

Finland, Producing Adults, Aleksi Salmenpera;

France, The Chorus, Christophe Barratier;

Germany, Downfall, Bernd Eichinger;

Greece, A Touch of Spice, Tassos Boulmetis;

Hungary, Kontroll, Nimrod Antal;

Iceland, Cold Light, Hilmar Oddsson;

India, Shwaas, Sandeep Sawant;

Iran, Turtles Can Fly, Bahman Ghobadi;

Israel, Campfire, Joseph Cedar;

Italy, The House Keys, Gianni Amelio;

Japan, Nobody Knows, Hirokazu Kore-eda;

Korea, Tae Guk Gi, Kang Je-gyu;

Macedonia, The Great Water, Ivo Trajikov;

Malaysia, A Legendary Love, Saw Teong Hin;

Mexico, Innocent Voices, Luis Mandoki;

the Netherlands, Simon, Eddy Terstall;

Norway, Hawaii, Oslo, Erik Poppe;

Palestine, The Olive Harvest, Hanna Elias;

Philippines, Crying Ladies, Mark Meily;

Poland, The Welts, Magdalena Piekorz;

Portugal, The Miracle According to Salome, Mario Barroso;

Romania, Orient-Express, Sergiu Nicolaescu;

Russia, Night Watch, Timolir Bekmambetov;

Serbia and Montenegro, Goose Feather, Ljubisa Samardzic;

Slovenia, Beneath Her Window, Metod Pevec;

South Africa, Yesterday, Darrell Roodt;

Spain, The Sea Inside, Alejandro Amenabar;

Sweden, As in Heaven, Kay Pollak;

Switzerland, Mein Name Ist Bach, Dominique de Rivaz;

Taiwan, 20:30:40, Sylvia Chang;

Thailand, The Overture, Itthisoontorn Vichailak;

Uruguay, Whisky, Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll;

Venezuela, Punto y Raya, Elia Schneider.

To be eligible, a film must have had its first public screening in a commercial cinema in its home country for at least seven straight days between Oct. 1, 2003-Sept. 30.

The 77th Annual Academy Award nominations will be announced Jan. 25. The awards will be presented Feb. 27.