As the rumor mill for Man of Steel 2 continues to move along, Warner Bros. will no doubt be dropping casting hints and story points in their usual piecemeal fashion. Rather than wait for them to lead with the story, we're taking it upon ourselves to make them follow our lead!

Despite how mum the studio might be right now over what is happening regarding this project, there are no doubt things happening behind the scenes. Agents are calling studios, production people are examining costs, and there are definitely actors who have no idea they are being talked about for potential roles that could change their careers.

How often do we hear stories about two actors being up for the same role only to lose that role to another actor with more weight? Rumor has it that was exactly the case for Steve Martin and Robin Williams when Tim Burton cast the Joker in 1989's Batman. Here, they probably thought they had it locked...Then Jack Nicholson came in and it was a whole other ballgame.

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And speaking of the iconic Joker character, who first appeared in the Batman #1 comic in 1940, we've decided that whether he is the villain in the next film or not, we've got some ideas about who should play this white faced, red lipped, green haired maniac.

1 Peter Sarsgaard

Peter Sarsgaard

As he displayed in films like Boys Don't Cry and An Education, this guy knows his way in front of a movie camera. Equally evident as the baddie Hector Hammond in Green Lantern, Sarsgaard could do a lot more with a role like this if he was given a lot more to do. And lets just say that the world that Batman inhabits is a bit different than that of Green Lantern.

Just imagine what Sarsgaard could do with this role? Imagine that face caked in white make-up and his mouth slammed with cheery red lipstick? Then add to that eyes that seem to linger but actually bely the machinations of pure evil. I am thinking that his take on this role would be quite different than that of even the late Heath Ledger.

Peter Sarsgaard would give us a more cerebral Joker. One that maybe doesn't talk as much, which would make his every utterance, his every action, one to watch.

And fear.

What do you think? Is this list off base or right on the money? Should we quit our day jobs and cast films for the studios? Or quit show business all together?

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Evan Jacobs