There are more than a handful of sequels and franchise movies that came out amongst tons of hype only to fail or disappoint fans that waited far too long to finally see them. Sometimes, its this anticipation that makes a movie seem less than its sum. We, as lovers of pop culture, have spent far too much time cultivated our own ideas about them. In many instances we have years, even decades, to build the movie for ourself inside our brain. So, of course, more often than not...There's going to be a disconnect. We never return to these movies again. Our tainted memories remain firmly in place. But sometimes, its these bloated expectations that devour us, killing any enjoyment or fun we might otherwise have with any given installment of the latest blockbuster. Sometimes, we just take these things too seriously. And a perfectly decent movie gets lost in that 'expectation translation'. Today, we are looking back at five such movies that we all waited a long time to see, only to walk away frustrated and indifferent. Have the years washed away these first thoughts of lameness? Or are these movies just as bad as we remember? We decided to revisit five otherwise disappointing, yet highly anticipated at the time, movies to see if they deserve a second chance. Or if they deserve to be flushed down the cinematic toilet of history.

1Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D fans waited a long time for this movie, only to find an origin story that was a little too well known, and jokes that fell flat. It was all a little too familiar, and too much like their short lived TV show. While the opening and closing musical numbers were instant classics, the middle was weighted down by soggy jams that seemed tired and uninspired. Had the band reached their Zenith too soon? Fans wanted something new from the duo, and this was just too much of the same old thing. We'd seen it. We'd heard it. Why were we being asked to pay for a repeat. They're not superheroes. Was an origin story even needed? We didn't think so. And the movie bombed! The characters here have an all-too-familiar goal: To become the greatest rock band the world has ever seen. To achieve this, they must steal a magical guitar pick that rests in a Rock 'n' Roll museum many miles away from their home in California. Its a road movie that takes forever to get on the road. And when it finally does, it goes nowhere. Literally. Its easy to see why fans turned their back on the great ones. But time has a way of making us reconsider our position. Over time, having grown away from Tenacious D and their music, revisiting Pick of Destiny brings a much different reaction. Jack Black and Kyle Gass have created a weird little movie that is actually quite fun. The pressure for the 'greatest movie in the world' is no longer in play. And the movie stands as a tiny cult classic that defines the band and what it has come to mean. In the long run, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny isn't nearly as bad as we originally thought it was. Here, in 2013, 7 years after its release, it almost feels fresh. But again, that's because we stopped watching and listening to Tenacious D 7 years ago. When this just felt like a capsulated retread of their history up till that point.