It was revealed earlier today that Warner Bros. is currently seeking an actress to play the love interest of Bruce Wayne in their highly anticipated Man of Steel 2 sequel tentatively titled Batman Vs. Superman. We don't yet know which character will be plucked from DC Comics' vast catalogue of vigilante love interests, but we do know the type of girl they are looking for.

The studio isn't concerned with ethnicity, which brings up an interesting notion we'll get to in a minute. They are, however, looking for someone in their late twenties to play ten years younger than Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne. Which makes sense. If you were a billionaire playboy, wouldn't you have a younger girlfriend? They are also looking for someone that is physically capable of going toe-to-toe with The Dark Knight, as well as someone who is tall enough to keep up pace with Ben Affleck's 6' 4" frame.

We're guessing that director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer might want to veer off into uncharted territory with their new Batman love interest. We also have to consider that they are coming at Bruce Wayne in the twilight of his years, in order for him to play a mentor to Kal-El. Which rules out everyone's favorite speculated guesses right away. A lot of fans want to see Vicki Vale return, a character that first surfaced in the 1950s, and was immortalized by Kim Basinger in the 1989 movie Batman. Another name being lobbied about is Julie Madison, who first appeared on screen in 1997's much criticized Batman & Robin. Vicki left Bruce Wayne in his early years as a crime fighter because she couldn't stand his double life, and Julie left to marry into European royalty. Neither character stuck around to see Bruce in his later years of crime fighting. I think we can rule them out.

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We doubt Warner Bros. is looking to tread on any of the recent Christopher Nolan love interests, either. It's too soon to revisit Selina Kyle or Talia al Ghul, especially since this is Superman's movie, and it will likely feature a Superman villain over a Batman villain. So who does that leave?

Well, quite a few characters, it seems. Here are our favorite choices for Batman's most likely love interest, and the actress that will play her, and why she fits into the overall story arc being created here.

1Kerry Washington as Wonder Woman

In terms of character, she's our number one pick. David S. Goyer has hinted in the past that Wonder Woman will also be making an appearance in Man of Steel 2, and it makes sense in terms of setting up Justice League as a stand alone movie. There will be some much needed romantic tension between the core group, as we've recently seen play out in Star Trek with Spock and Uhura. And it doesn't stray too far from the comic books. Diana and Bruce briefly dated in the pages of Justice League, but eventually broke things off, remaining friends and close team members. This relationship was also hinted at in the animated series. It's an easy and fun way to introduce her into the film world. Wonder Woman has proven to be a very hard character to bring to the screen, either big or small, and making her Bruce's girlfriend when we meet them in this world fits within the mythology during this timeline. Now here comes the kicker. Why Kerry Washington? Well, the casting break down isn't concerned about ethnicity. Which should be our first red flag. Diana is an Amazon, she can be any color the casting director so chooses, and we won't have much room to complain, despite her white appearance in comic books. We keep hearing how both Marvel and DC might cast a black actor in what was previously considered a white role, but no one has pulled the trigger. Yet! Here's where they could do it, and feel like they made the right choice. The casting news wouldn't even be as controversial as Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, that's for sure. With her performance in Scandal, Kerry Washington has proven that she is a strong, capable, independent woman, yet she is also vulnerable and needs the right man in her life. She is physically capable of going toe-to-toe with Ben Affleck, though she might be too short at 5' 4", and too old at 36, but we can't think of anyone who might look better in that Wonder Woman costume. She was awesome in Django Unchained, so why can't it be her? I'm sure you have a good reason. Let's hear a better choice. Or a reason why not?

Which of Batman's former girlfriends did we miss? Is there anyone you want to see that is missing from the list? Do you have an actor in mind that could match Ben Affleck's intensity? Do you even care? Let us know.

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