For the past two years, I've been breaking down my Top 10 movies, Most Underrated Movies and Most Overrated Movies all in one piece. This year, we've decided to switch things up a bit and separate each category for a trifecta of year-end lists, starting with my picks for Most Overrated Movies of 2013. Last year, I saw just under 150 movies, and I was determined to surpass that mark in 2013, which I did. CLICK HERE for the full list of movies I've seen this year, although there will be a handful more that I plan on seeing before compiling my Top 10 list in the coming days. For me, spouting off the bad movies that almost everyone knows are bad, isn't interesting. However, there are always a handful of films that get showered with critical praise that I just can't comprehend or agree with. I'll finish with my Honorable Mention, a film that I did ultimately enjoy, but not nearly as much as a vast majority of my colleagues. But first, here are five movies I was severely let down by in 2013.

1Monsters University - 78% on Rotten Tomatoes

Monsters University

As much as I loved Monsters Inc., the decision to follow that up by showing us Mike and Sully's friendship origin story in Monsters University is somewhat baffling to me. As I mentioned in my review, I did enjoy this prequel, but I still have no idea why they would go this route when there is such fertile storytelling ground left to sow after Monsters Inc., when Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) realize that kids aren't as "dangerous" as they once thought. But no, they go back to these monsters' college days to show how they became Monsters Inc.'s top scarers and BFFs, through a highly convoluted story that takes several unnecessary steps. Sadly, Monsters Inc. confirms what Cars 2 and Brave hinted at: That Pixar's best days may be completely behind them.

That wraps it up for my most Overrated Movies of 2013. Stay tuned later this week for my Most Underrated Movies and Top 10 Movies of 2013. If you agree or disagree with my picks, let your voice be heard by hitting me up on Twitter (@GallagherMW).