In affiliation with a slew of wonderful companies and studios we're hosting a wide range of new contests this month! You're almost guaranteed to win SOMETHING!

The Matrix Reloaded: First up is another contest from Lights Out and Warner Bros! We're giving away TONS of merch from the upcoming Matrix sequel, The Matrix Reloaded! Tons of winners and tons of chances to win! CLICK HERE

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X-2: Audiences have been storming into theaters to catch a glimpse at the X-Men sequel...well, thanks to Hollywood Dreams, now you have a chance to win some fabulous posters from the film! CLICK HERE

This contest is also being run over at Hollywood Dreams! That's even more chances to win these suckers! Don't delay, enter today! CLICK HERE

Serial Killer DVD Box Set: In honor of the release of The Serial Killer DVD Box Set, which entails short stories of the lives of Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, and Dahmer, we're giving away 1 box set to a lucky winner along with 5 posters to the runner ups! Don't miss out! Enter today! CLICK HERE

Sideshow: Last but not least, we've been running our latest Sideshow contest all month with a chance to win either a CAVE TROLL BUST from Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring, or an INVADER figure from the Twilight Zone TV series! CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for more great contests!