Following the first photos released earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly has debuted even more images from Max Steel, which give us a closer look at the costume worn by star Ben Winchell. Take a look at the photos, along with commentary from director Stewart Hendler.

Max Steel EW Photo 1
"'I definitely love trying to build tension. It's fun to take audiences on that ride, so there are a couple of sequences that are fairly dark, that feel pretty gritty. It'll feel authentically scary."
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Max Steel EW Photo 2
"Max needs this creature to protect him from his own energy and Steele needs that energy to survive. I thought this was a really cool way into this superhero mythology I hadn't seen before. What they presented to me was a really polished, pretty slick kid's cartoon and I was like 'I'm not sure if you sent this to the wrong person. Because if I were to do it, I wanted to tell a really grounded version of it, from the perspective of what would it be like if this happened to a real teenager? What would his reaction and the fallout of that be? I'm actually kind of shocked that I got to go that way."
Max Steel EW Photo 3
"This is the first time in the movie you see Max suited up. He and Steel merge into one techno-organic figure, so Steel is the armor in which Max is wrapped. It happens unexpectedly, so it's kind of like a non-consensual suiting up moment. Max basically has to figure out what's happened and naturally, he freaks out a bit."
Max Steel EW Photo 4
"Max is kind of your every kid. He's a fish out of water in that the keeps moving around in circumstances in life. He's not a nerd, a dork-he's a regular guy who's trying to get by. I definitely went through the wringer in school, like I think a lot of people did and it made me the person I am today, for better or worse. So it's fun to explore those challenges and turn it up a notch."
Max Steel EW Photo 5
"We have some really cool CG creatures that Max ends up in battle with, which I think that will come out pretty well."
Max Steel EW Photo 6
"Max Steel lead actress Ana Villafañe was among the 'millions of actresses' who auditioned for the part of Sofia. The script originally called for a character named Sidney, until Villafane 'ended up being the one who stole the show,' according to Hendler. The actress joins Cuban actor Andy Garcia (as mentor Dr. Miles Edwards), rounding out the film's cast in what Hendler calls 'a nice wink at one of the bigger core audiences [Hispanics].'"
Max Steel EW Photo 7
"As he was getting more ripped, he became too big for his suit. So we had to have this emergency arm intervention, where we were like 'No more lifting! You gotta chill out."
Max Steel EW Photo 8
"Basically, what we see is Steel is wrapping his exoskeleton and converting Max's energy into this suit, which completely covers him."

Max Steel tells the story of teenager Maxwell McGrath and alien companion Steel who can combine special turbo-energy powers to generate sensational superhero Max Steel. The storyline centers on bringing a positive and relatable hero to kids, drawing upon turbo-charged teamwork, laughter and friendship.

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