It was /walking-dead-spin-off-series-will-follow-new-survivors-in-2015/announced earlier this week that AMC is spinning-off its most popular show, The Walking Dead. This new horror series, which comes from The Walking Dead executive producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert, will follow a different set of never-before-seen survivors while still being set within this same zombie infested universe. And because it's an American series, we don't think it's going to take place outside the U.S. Pretty exciting news, right? Well, the announcement itself was met with a resounding...Sigh of indifference.

Why, you might ask, did so few fans care so little about the expanding of this great series? That's easy. It's because we've been inundated with zombies over the course of the past few years. From World War Z, to Marvel Zombies, to an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and even with Bath Salts on the streets, the walking dead are literally everywhere. And all the movies, TV shows, and comics are becoming interchangeable. Its not hard to imagine that The Walking Dead is taking place at the same time, in the same world as Shaun of the Dead and Juan of the Dead. We're just getting different perspectives from around the globe.

So, we openly welcome another take on that. There are many, many stories that can be told from the zombie apocalypse, and many different viewpoints AMC can come at this from. We've all imagined ourselves in the same scenario. "Could I survive?" It's the fantasy element of the whole thing that is most exciting, and there are so many different places this series could go. So, we want to look at 5 groups of survivors we'd be most interested in seeing struggle through this worldwide pandemic. Right now, The Walking Dead takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. Partly because it's cheap to shoot there, with the state's tax incentives. But also because it's the 23rd most dangerous city in America. It breeds survivors. And it makes sense to us that the rest of the survivors in the states would be from equally dangerous cities.

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So, here are the "5 Survivor Groups We Want to See in The Walking Dead Spin-Off", from some of the most dangerous locations in the U.S.

1 "The Italian-American Mob" in Newark, New Jersey

Newark NJ

Its The Sopranos meets Night of the Living Dead! Can you imagine Tony and his crew going to work, ready for a hit, when suddenly they are over taken by zombies? A gang of modern day mobsters having to deal with The Walking Dead brings all the elements we'd need for a successful weekly series. We'd have a strong group dynamic that doesn't take well to strangers, so interaction with any other survivors would always prove to be interesting. They'd still need to take care of their 'mob' business, even in a torrential ghoul downpour. Some of these dudes would probably be scarier than a reanimated corpse. And laughs would naturally come flowing out of the material, never taking anything away from the scares. If a spin-off needs one thing, its some humor, or at least a little lightness, which The Walking Dead is completely devoid of. Its actually kind of amazing that someone hasn't taken this concept yet, and run all the way to the bank with it. The Walking Dead: Deadfellas! See, it's an easy sell. While Tony and his family lived in North Caldwell, we want to see this new series set in Newark, cause that place is deadly, and has the worst reputation for crime in the U.S., making it the tenth most dangerous city in the country. If you're a mobster in Newark, chances are you can survive anything.

So, what do you think? Which group of survivors do you most want to see go up against the zombie apocalypse? Are you part of a group that could survive? Do you know of another town that can make it out of this madness alive? Let us know what you think.

B. Alan Orange