The new Man of Steel trailer landed late Tuesday afternoon with a sonic boom that caused a seismic shift in fan anticipation. Though eagerly awaited, many have remained skeptical, and somewhat uneasy, about this so-called 'reboot' from director Zack Snyder. He did, after all, make what some call the most disappointing comic book adaptation of all time with 2009's Watchmen. And Warner Bros., the studio behind Man of Steel, royally whiffed it with their more recent DC Comics adaptation Green Lantern. Not to mention, there's still the mild stench of Superman Returns wafting through the air like a patchouli fart, causing fear that we could be in store for another snooze fest that fails at showing exactly what Kal-El is capable of on planet earth.

This latest look at Man of Steel puts all fears to rest, and even turned this mild mannered superhero movie into the must-see event of the summer. The great thing about the trailer is that it doesn't completely show its hand. It hints at awesomeness in a powerful way, and does what any good piece of marketing should do. It has made us salivate and clamor for that coveted IMAX midnight ticket.

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Though the trailer sets up a great deal of the story behind this re-invisioning of our most popular and ionic superhero, it also leaves a great deal of mystery and only teases some of the bigger action set pieces. There's still a lot we don't know about Man of Steel. And while some of the movie's biggest secrets should be saved for opening night, there are a couple of interesting things you should know going in that might not be on your radar.

Today, we're going to look at 5 things you don't know about Man of Steel (and if you do know them, you probably pointed them out to us!)

1Man of Steel's Connection to Smallville

<strong><em>Man of Steel</em></strong> Smallville connection

In creating Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder wanted to make a movie that was not connected to any previous film or TV show about Superman. He wanted a clean break from the past incarnations of Clark Kent and the world of Metropolis, and even dispatched Brandon Routh, who was attached for a sequel (and/or reboot) because he wanted this new adventure to completely stand-alone. But in terms of its story, Man of Steel has retained one character from Smallville that was created solely for that popular WB/CW series, and never appeared in the original DC comic books. Whitney Fordman is a high school classmate of Clark's who we will see during the first act of Man of Steel. Eric Johnson originated the character on the small screen, and will now be played by Robert Gerdisch. Whitney is the star quarterback of the Smallville Crows football team, and boyfriend to Lana Lang, Clark's first love and Lex Luthor's future wife. Whitney and Lana are the King and Queen of Clark's prom, and serve in retaining some of the mythology that was previously set up only on the WB/CW series. Man of Steel also has a couple of interesting behind the scenes connections to Smallville as well. Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams played the fat teenager Jodi Melville in the Season 1 episode "Craving", which was one of her earliest roles. And Alessandro Juliani, who plays Sergeant Sedowsky in Man of Steel, had a recurring role as Dr. Emil Hamilton. There may be a couple of hidden Easter eggs to find when the film hits the big screen, so stay tuned for those as well.

B. Alan Orange