Spoiler TV has recently debuted a new set of images from James Cameron's Avatar, which will debut nationwide on December 18. Click below to enlarge these brand new photos.

<strong><em>Avatar</em></strong> Movie Still
Sam Worthington in <strong><em>Avatar</em></strong>
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Movie Still from James Cameron's <strong><em>Avatar</em></strong>
Sigourney Weaver in <strong><em>Avatar</em></strong>
Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez

Avatar stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Peter Mensah, Laz Alonso, Wes Studi, Stephen Lang, Matt Gerald and will be releasd on December 18.