Ryan Reynolds has played a variety of roles in his career, but it is safe to say the one fans remember him most for is Marvel's fourth-wall-breaking, self-referential anti-hero Deadpool. And now, perhaps by accident, Reynolds has carried over Deadpool's unique practice of making meta-references to the fictional nature of his own stories into his new Netflix film 6 Underground, thanks to a bizarre but hilarious cameo by his own self.

It all began months ago in September, while the shoot for the film was still going on. Ryan Reynolds decided to make a vlog about his experience working on 6 Underground, a film which boasts of having explosions extraordinaire Michael Bay in the director's chair. In the video, Reynolds can be seen leaning against a wall in Paris commenting on the peaceful stillness that is the best part of being on a Michael Bay set.

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The stillness is broken in a spectacular fashion as explosions and a car chase become evident in the background, which the actor pretends to not be aware of while continuing to remark on the relaxing atmosphere. The video was a hilarious self-aware wink at the nature of the film that Reynolds had signed on for. That would have been the end of the gag, if the actual movie had not released and revealed that another set of cameras had been rolling while Reynolds had been making his vlog.

In the movie, we see a car chase through the streets of Paris that uses vehicles identical to the one being blasted apart in the background of Reynold's vlog. Not only that, but we also see a figure in the far distance, leaning against a building wall with his back turned to the camera, showing no reaction to the destruction unfolding behind him.

That's right. In the part of the movie where Reynold's character is blasting through the streets of Paris in full action mode, Reynolds the actor cameos in the background, making a vlog about making the film. It is a meta cameo with so many fourth-wall-breaks even Deadpool would be hard-pressed to match up to it, and it adds a new layer of hilarity to 6 Underground.

The only question is was the whole thing an unwitting accident, or was this a deliberate stunt on Reynold's part, with or without the knowledge of the rest of the crew? After all, even those who would not normally watch the movie would now be more interested in tuning in to catch the cameo. And the news of the cameo should keep the movie in the public's consciousness just a little bit longer, which is what viral stunts such as these are designed to do.

On its own, 6 Underground is a straight-up action thriller, where Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a mysterious billionaire who fakes his own death in order to form a secret, underground cabal of assassins to take on the world's most powerful criminals and terrorists. This story originated at BGR.com