The first official teaser for Jim Klock's 6:66 PM is finally here and it looks terrifyingly funny. Klock (Scream Queens) directed and starred in the horror comedy from a screenplay that was written by Tommy McLaughlin and Chad Ridgely. The movie was produced by Full Auto Films and Code 3 Films who are brought together again to work on 6:66 P.M., and it has been acquired by distribution house Indican Pictures for VOD and streaming services. Klock plays detective Chisolm on Scream Queens and has also been on episodes of Nashville, True Detective, The Astronaut Wives Club, The Whole Truth, and Quarry.

The fist teaser for the horror comedy comes to us via Full Auto Films' YouTube channel and it's basically setting up the story of some kind of haunted house. There's plenty of blood, comedy bits, and boobs crammed into the minute and half long clip that leave fans of the genre wanting more. According to the press release, deceased serial killer Jimmy is forced to make a difficult choice and later two ghost hunters show up to his old killing grounds. Apparently Jimmy is not resting quietly and he is intent on turning paranormal researchers into a gruesome mess.

The official synopsis for 6:66 P.M. reveals that a team of reality television ghost hunters has gotten more than they bargained for. The house, they are pretending is haunted, turns out to be occupied by the evil spirit of an insane serial killer. Their scripted reality show goes hilariously haywire as the demon fights to take possession of their bodies. But can they make it out alive? Only time will tell in this silly case of spooky shenanigans where the body count keeps rising and so do the undead. All that is certain is that the TV ghost hunters are trying to make their reality show a hit at all costs.

6:66 P.M. looks like a treat for fans of the horror comedy genre and the teaser definitely has its tongue planted firmly in cheek. The movie appears to be a bit more on the ridiculous side and is focused more on the comedy than recent additions like Clowntergeist and Tsunambee, which is a welcome change. Screenwriter and star Chad Ridgely also wrote Massacre in the Aisle, which was released in 2016 and centers around a hardware store employee finding a dead body and a duffel bag full of cash on his first night on the job. Hilarity ensues afterwards and fans of the comedy will certainly be into seeing 6:66 P.M.

6:66 P.M. has an official release date of November 3rd, 2017 at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. The movie stars Jim Klock, Chad Ridgely, Alexis Kelley (Hell's Heart), Autumn Fedrici (Haunting of the Innocent), Michael Buonomo, Robin F. Baker, Scott Burkhardt, Michael D. Moore, Bobby Liga, and Mike Capozzi. The comedy will hit the festival circuit throughout most of 2018 and then it will hit the VOD and streaming services shortly thereafter. Check out the teaser clip below.

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Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick