The 1980s were an interesting time. You had shoulder pads, Ronald Reagan, big hair, neon everywhere you looked and Don Johnson. We also saw a trend at the local cinema that has never really been replicated in any other decade. We had actual 'theme' songs that accompanied some of our biggest hits throughout this ten-year span of time. In listening to these strange, sometimes beautiful, sometimes awful, sometimes just pure 80s cheese pieces of ear gold, we have to keep in mind that these songs were written by adults. And some became big hits...But most did not. Some are beyond juvenile, and likely written on a napkin during an 80s power lunch as an after thought. These are songs that, had there not been a movie to accompany them, most likely never would have existed. And lets be honest...Some of them shouldn't exist. At all. However, these movies and the theme songs that accompany them have become embedded in our pop conciousness, whether you like it or not. That is why they must be celebrated, no matter how much we choose to either love them with all of our heart, or hate them to the core of our being. Here are 7 80s movie theme songs we can't believe exist (and two bonus videos)!

1Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters Theme by Ray Parker Jr. (and Huey Lewis)

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

In 1984, you simply could not escape this song. Turn on any radio station, and it was there. It was one of the biggest hits of that decade, and as fun as it is, it's just a pretty dumb song. Huey Lewis (of Huey Lewis and the News) allegedly had the tune pilfered by Ray Parker Jr., though neither will ever speak about the lawsuit until its time to greet the Reaper. As legend has it, "I Want A New Drug" was actually the temp song used during the editing of Ghostbusters. Ray Parker Jr. kept the melody, changed a few words, and wah-la, instant hit, just like a hot cup of noodles. Allegedly. We honestly can't think of another song that trivializes seeing a paranormal entity as much as the Ghostbusters theme does. There was a tone of seriousness deeply embedded in the movie, and while its a stretch to believe a group of scientists could ever capture ghosts in this way, the theme song certainly wasn't helping matters. So what? The 80s were a party, and the song captured the magic of the era. The song's catchphrase, "Who you gonna call?" is still in use nearly 30 years later! Long live the Ghostbusters theme song, no matter how much money Ray Parker Jr. had to pay Huey Lewis...Or vice versa? Also, keep an eye out for some truly weird cameos peppered throughout the accompanying music video, like Little House on the Prairie's Melissa Gilbert, Danny DeVito and Jeffrey Tambor, none of whom had anything to do with the movie.

We hope you've enjoyed this trip back in time, when 80s theme songs were all the rage for any movie. And now we leave you with these last two jams that might make you quit the decade and lose your appetite for nostalgia all together.

B. Alan Orange