What started off as a pesky TMZ interview quickly turned into the biggest movie news of the month as director Richard Donner confirmed he is moving forward on The Goonies 2 with the entire cast set to reprise their roles. We've been hearing about a sequel for years, so we thought this was just more talk. But then star Corey Feldman also confirmed that the movie is actually in the process of happening, and that Steven Spielberg, who served as an executive producer on the first movie, and original writer Chris Columbus, are helping get this to the big screen...For real this time. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. But the fans have made their voices very loud and clear. Millions of Goonies want their Goonies 2! It being a true sequel and not a reboot or remake, it might actually be good. But, as often is the case, it lingers on the edge of turning into a very dangerous proposition. Just look at the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and how the fans have reacted to that. Or what's currently happening with Jem and the Holograms, a movie whose lack of female voices behind the scenes has pissed off girls of all ages. That can't happen with The Goonies. We're here to help, just a little. Here are 7 Things We Need to See in The Goonies 2, in hopes that its not a complete wash!

1 Bring the Entire Cast Back for More Than Just a Cameo

The Goonies Cast

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Recasting The Goonies will not be unlike casting for The Little Rascals remake, nearly impossible and a hell of an assignment. The Goonies is nearly 30 years old at this point, and these characters are ingrained into our very fabric of existence. Whoever accepts the challenge of creating new Goondock residents will be tasked with fans comparing and nitpicking them to death. It will be a very tough go for the casting director. The bottom line is, we older fans, who grew up with the movie, don't want new kids at all. But that seems unavoidable. This is a family adventure about kids, for kids. That's fine. Make them the 'A' story. But know at least 80% of us showing interest in this sequel want to see the original cast doing something more than just a cameo. The Goonies 2 was originally envisioned as the sons and daughters of the original Goonies going on their own Indiana Jones-like adventure. That's fine. It even makes sense that they'd be trying to stop a foreclosure on their neighborhood, as that is more of a nightmare now than it was in the 80s. It would give the original gang a reason to reunite as well. And the kids would have a reason to go off on their own, with preoccupied adults trying to solve a similar problem from their youth, having lost the faith in any childhood magic. The old Goondocks gang are the 'B' story. Both teams working to solve the crisis separately, they come together at the end. Everyone is happy. J.J. Abrams realized that cameos for the original cast in Star Wars: Episode VII wasn't going to cut it. Hopefully director Richard Donner, executive producer Steven Spielberg and original writer Chris Columbus (who is participating in some capacity) understand this as well.

Now its time to agree to disagree. Did we make any valid points? Yes, no, maybe? What do you want to see in a Goonies sequel besides Sean Astin and Corey Feldman? The return of the Truffle Shuffle? A cameo from Mouth's Wish Penny? Let us know!

B. Alan Orange