Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3: According to Variety, apparently every extra in Hollywood wants to be a pirate.

Steady work is always a lure on the set of Disney's back-to-back sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean, even at the guild's $118-a-day standard. But the big draw is that the lensing will take place in L.A. -- and the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

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A recent open call by Sande Alessi Casting in North Hollywood, Calif., drew 7,000 hopefuls.

This also presents a great opportunity for those who are not exactly pretty faces. The casting notice says the pic is looking for "extreme character types ages 18-50. They had very thin lean builds or were extremely skinny. Missing teeth, wandering eyes and serial killer looks are best with real long hair and beards. Wigs and makeup are not what we're looking for."

So, in hoping to play crew members of Jack Sparrow's and Barbosa's ships, male extras about town are growing beards and long hair and losing weight.

Also being sought: sailors (hair should be shoulder-length or longer), tall-ship sailors (must be able to row, rig and climb the mast), Marines (military training, rifle/marching experience helpful), townspeople (all ages, shapes and sizes), amputees (all types and ages) and wenches (British-looking women with voluptuous figures).

"Usually, guys with long hair and beards don't get a lot of work, so everyone's really excited about these films," notes casting director Jacque Lawson, who also coordinates casting for extras group the Wild Bunch. "Who doesn't want to dress up like a pirate and run around all day waving a sword?"

Disney's back-to-back Pirates of the Caribbean sequels are scheduled to start shooting in February and will be running into early 2006.