Amazon has released a new trailer for 7500. The thriller is set to debut on Prime Video later this month and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The actor has been a bit quiet as of late, but based on this trailer it looks like the majority of this movie rests squarely on his shoulders. And he has a lot to contend with as this will put the fate of an entire plane in his hands in what looks to be a tense and deadly situation.

The Amazon Prime trailer kicks off with a couple of pilots who are kicking off what seems to be a routine flight. Things devolve quickly as there is an attempted hijacking, leaving Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character alone in the cockpit to try and sort out the tense situation. To say the very least of it, he is put in an unenviable situation and has to make hard decisions, or not make them, that puts people's lives at risk. Even though there is an entire flight full of people, it seems most of the movie will take place in the cockpit, which makes for a unique approach.

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Interestingly, this is the first major screen role for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in several years. The actor appeared in 2016's Snowden and had a couple of brief voice cameos on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Knives Out. He also appeared in the series Comrade Detective. But this is easily his most significant movie role in four years. Gordon-Leviit had been coming off of a big run in the 2010's that included Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, 50/50, Looper and Lincoln. The movie was written and directed by Patrick Vollrath. It serves as his feature directorial debut. The cast also includes Omid Memar, Murathan Muslu and Aylin Tezel.

7500 centers on Tobias, who starts what seems to be a normal day. The soft-spoken young American co-pilot is working a flight from Berlin to Paris as he runs through the preflight checklist with Michael, the pilot, and chats with Gokce, his flight-attendant girlfriend. However, shortly after takeoff, terrorists armed with makeshift knives storm the cockpit, seriously injuring Michael. Tobias manages to temporarily fight them off. Terrified, he contacts ground control to plan an emergency landing. But when the hijackers kill a passenger and threaten to murder more innocent people if he doesn't let them back into the cockpit, he will face an excruciating test.

Several critics have screened the streaming thriller so far and the results are mixed-to-positive, it seems, with the movie holding a 67 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This seems like it would have certainly received some sort of theatrical release were it not for the shutdown. Instead, it will offer movie lovers something new to enjoy while we all wait for theaters to get back up and running again. 7500 arrives on June 19 from Amazon Prime Video. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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