EW has a First Look photo from the upcoming August thriller 7500, which features stars Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Scout Taylor-Compton, Jerry Ferrara and Nicky Whelan. The story follows an estranged married couple that boards a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo only to encounter malevolent supernatural forces on the airplane. Check it out below.

7500 Photo #1

About his character in the film, Ryan Kwanten had this to say.

"It's a haunted house movie on an airplane. I play a character who is having a very rough time in his marriage. It's on the rocks and they're in the last weeks really. They're taking the trip only because their best friends prepaid for these tickets. They're doing it as a favor. (When strange things begin to happen) the passengers must choose to band together or become loose cannons and start looking out for themselves. It's a survival-of-the-fittest type thing. We deal with our problems and conflicts of the past and try to find a way to overcome that."