The Good

In this age where everything is ironic, it's nice to watch a show that stands up and says it cares something.

The Bad

No extras make this set seem really skimpy.

7th Heaven: The Complete Third Season is 22 episodes following the Camden family as they go through all the ups and downs of life. Eric and Annie Camden have five children . There's Matt, a college student who is being exposed to a different world then he's ever been around before. Mary, an independent woman who is very boy crazy. Lucy, who is pretty much the same way. Simon, who is experiencing those akward first years of being a teenager, and Ruthie, the youngest of the bunch but not without wisdom and problems. In addition to this, the Camden's are welcoming two new children to their family so it's a full house to be sure.

This 6 disc set tackles such things as teenage alcohol abuse ("Drunk Like Me"), bad ex-boyfriends ("Johnny Get Your Gun"), racism ("The Tribes that Bind"), and love triangles ("There Goes the Bride Pt. 1"). While I think that a lot people deride this show for being too clean, or maybe remeniscent of another era, why is it wrong to be nostalgic? Is it so bad to enjoy something without distancing yourself from it?

7th Heaven: The Complete Third Season is a packed set and the only thing it's missing are supplemental features.


No extra features.


Full Screen Format. These shows looked really simply put together. There aren't any fancy camera tricks (in fact there's nothing really fancy at all about this show), and it's lighting scheme is as soft as it comes. However, admist this I think that allows viewers to get to the directness of the stories. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I don't know how many people really want to see shows that don't contain the human elements contained in a show like 7th Heaven.


Dolby Digital: English 2.0 Stereo. The audio for this 6 disc set was well put together. With TV shows it's hard to judge because, especially on a show like this, they don't really go out of their way to make it that special. I didn't hear anything that piqued my attention in a negative way. I was more surprised by how much I liked this show more than anything else. I kept hearing a lot of negative talk and it was really well made.


I have never seen packaging utilized as economically as it is here. For this alone, Paramount gets very high marks. They have somehow managed to squeeze all six discs into a regular amaray DVD case. Then inside the case itself, behind the discs, are episode listings and descriptions. The front cover showcases the many members of the Camden family. The back cover has 4 shots from the show, a well written description, and some minor technical specs. The studio has done very good work on the packaging and production as whole!

Final Word

This Aaron Spelling produced show has currently been on the air for 10 years and it's still going. This should tell everybody in the film and TV industry something. Regardless of who you are or what you are, there is a large section of this country that wants programming like 7th Heaven. I am of the belief that we need moral compuses in life. This isn't to say that we should follow a show like this and try and live our lives by it, but I think people for the most part want to do the right thing. They want to be able to trust that when they turn on the TV, they're children (and themselves) aren't going to assaulted with things that are vile and unnecessary.

7th Heaven: The Complete Third Season has that kind of an agreement with it's audience, and that is the reason why it has remained on the air for 10 years.

7th Heaven was released .