8 Mile:8 Mile is a film I have mixed feelings about. I just haven't heard enough good things to be excited yet. And today's news can be looked at in both a good light and a bad light. It was announced yesterday that the released date for 8 Mile will be pushed back to November from a summer release. Now, any delay generally means that something is not right with the film. In this case however the delay may be for the better. Apparently the films star, Eminem, is not happy with the soundtrack and wanted a chance to work on it. Hey, I'm all for building a better soundtrack. Take all the time you need.

Full Frontal: Last week we brought you news of Steven Soderbergh and his upcoming DV project. Well a bunch of nifty goodies have begun to spring up everywhere we turn! This one has some major star power in it and truthfuly I just can't wait to get a peak at what Soderbergh has been up to!

CLICK HERE to check out the very cool one sheet poster that just came out!

CLICK HERE for a bunch of behind the scenes clips!

And finally CLICK HERE for the best "teaser" trailers I think I've ever seen.

Die Another Day: Fans of James Bond rejoyce! Today the first teaser trailer has arrived for the 20th installment in the James Bond franchise. It looks to me like the Bond franchise might be back on track finally! All I can say is wow!

CLICK HERE for 007 goodness!

Movie Picture{8} There has been much speculation and gossip during the production of this film. Rumor had it that the star was fighting with the man at the helm. Day in and day out my anticipatory desire to see this film dwindled with the flood of what seemed to be bad news. All that is behind me now and I cannot wait to plant my self in a darkened theater to enjoy this piece of work!

CLICK HERE ad behold Scorsese's beautiful vision realized! You can always see all of these trailers in our Hollywood Trailers section!

Don't forget boys and girls that the trailers for the Matrix sequels will be coming out on Thursday! Come back soon to check them out!

Off to see Clones attacking...~Bobby