8 Mile: Last week we reported that the release date for the Eminem fronted film had been pushed back to November by the man himself. The issue at hand was that the artist was unhappy with the soundtrack and wanted time to fix some issues. This morning brings us a couple of very nice stills from the film. One of the leading man all by his lonesome, and the other of the wonderful Kim Bassinger in the role of the rappers mother. Enjoy!

CLICK HEREfor a couple of shots from 8 Mile.

Insomnia: There are few actors working in Hollywood that a)seem to have fun doing press and giving interviews and b) that I actually can stand to watch give interviews and do press. Robin Williams has always been perched at the top of that very short list.JoBlo.com has posted a very funny and entertaining interview with Mr. William. Trust me on this it is well worth your time to read!

Maria Poppins: Be afraid, be very afraid people. News has recently surfaced that Warner Brothers has begun tossing around the idea of remaking the Disney classic Mary Poppins. As you may have already guessed by now the news gets worse. Mary Poppins will be mexican in this reincarnation. Does this strike anyone else as quite possibly the worst idea ever?

Harry Potter III: Chris Columbus, Director of the wildly popular Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, has decided that after finishing up HP and the Chamber of Secrets he would like to move his family back to the United States and pursue other projects. This leaves studio executives without a driver for their franchise. But they do have some ideas for who to get to fill the vacancy. Top on the list is Y Tu Mam