Breakin' & Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo


Okay, just the name of this "franchise" dates it tremendously. I will admit that when this film came out I was into break dancing. And by "into" it I mean I liked to watch people do it. The moves displayed on the screen were dazzling. However, watching both of these movies now they just don't hold up. The first film showcases a jazz dancer and two breakdancers merging their worlds. Okay, this is kinda groundbreaking if you're a big fan of dance. The second film is just silly (with an even sillier title) as we see the dancers use their talents to try and stop a community center from being bulldozed. Look, I understand that if we look at a lot of films with today's lens, they most likely wouldn't hold up. But with films like You Got Served, Step Up and even Drumline in it's rearview, the Breakin' films have got to see how little they stand up.

The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter

I realize it isn't fair to bag on this movie as supposedly it was the first one to do all of it's special effects via computer. However, this tale of a boy named Alex (Lance Guest) who is recruited to battle aliens is in dire need of a reboot. Considering how great computer animation has become it's almost a given that this film can't hold up today. The effects look kind of cool but they're so first generation that it almost makes this movie unwatchable. Truthfully, the story is ahead of its time. It's the kind of thing that if it got in the right hands (David Fincher anyone?) it could potentially spawn a franchise. However, as it stands now this is one 1980s film that is better left in the past.

Weekend at Bernie's

Weekend at Bernies

Alright, I know that this film has achieved a cult status of sorts as there have been some gatherings where Bernie himself (actor Terry Kiser) has shown up. Here's the deal, death isn't funny. As someone who has experienced it, that the two idiots in this film could make their dead boss Bernie seem alive for a weekend is ludicrous. Even worse, it simply defies science. The body would decompose, it would crap itself (as all its muscles relax) and it just wouldn't hold up. Especially, if it was prancing around at a party. The fact that they were able to squeeze a sequel out of that first film is the most remarkable (and appalling) thing about this franchise. In a time where we have mass amounts of death served up on a daily basis via the constant news streams, Weekend At Bernie's doesn't not just hold up, it's downright irresponsible.