Besides comedy, horror movies are probably the most subjective cinema spectacles the silver screen has to offer. I say that because what scares us, like what makes us last, all comes down to the person watching it. The Strangers scared the living daylights out of me. Other people may have found the Poltergeist reboot the scariest thing since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Basically, it really comes down to what makes you jump, cover your eyes, look away or whatever method of fear deflection you have. So, it is was some legitimate trepidation that we bring you the 9 best horror movies of 2015.

[1] It Follows

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It Follows

Okay, this movie actually came out in 2014 BUT it was released in the US in 2015 so we're claiming it. This film focuses on a group of friends in the suburbs (shot a lot like the original Halloween, I might add), who have to contend against a sexually transmitted disease that attracts dead people to kill them. Sound confusing? Well, it is and it isn't and that is what makes this unique gem one of 2015's best. At least in America...

[2] Insidious Chapter 3

Insidious Chapter 3

By and large, the first two chapters in this trilogy have been quite solid. The anticipation and fairly good reviews, only seem to bolster Insidious Chapter 3 in 2015. The team behind this movie and the surefire hand of first time director Leigh Whannell (he also wrote the other films), is what helps this movie be a cut above most paranormal thriller fare. Sure, there are missteps along the way, but I challenge any paranormal film to present a place like The Further in a creepier way.

[3] The Human Centipede Part 3

The Human Centipede Part 3

Okay, so the first Human Centipede flick made you want to throw the hell up. The second one may have confused you but was no less disgustingly grotesque. Now you have the third (and we hope the last) installment that revolves around an insane prison warden and his goal to connect 500 inmates together. One might think that Tom Six, the man behind this barbaric brainchild of a trilogy, would be sick of creating this world by now. And oddly, it is his singular vision that makes it one of this year's best horror films.

[4] The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect

Okay, you had us at Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass. While the tale of medical students finding a way to reanimate the dead is not anything new, it is when you have the caliber of talent assembled here. Add to that that this film also features a turn by the venerable Ray Wise and you have a horror movie that in many ways defines what these films do best. By giving us a premise that we all might want to try for a deceased loved one, this film turns all that on its ear with its unexpected results.

[5] Sinister 2

Sinister 2

This late August release seems to have sleeper written all over it. On the face of it, a tale of a mother and daughter being tormented by a nefarious thing seems to play like old hat. However, the thing, in this case Bughuul, is anything but ordinary. Looking like he could be Chucky's very distant cousin, this might be the scariest August in a quite a while.

[6] The Visit

The Visit

Sure, M. Night Shyamalan seems to be late to the party with the whole found footage thing. However, we are not given to cynicism that easily and this man's trajectory appears to be on the upswing with Fox's Wayward Pines. Again, the tale is simple. Some kids go to stay with their grandparents and very bad things happen. Normally, this thing would probably have gone straight-to-DVD or On Demand. Given that it has Shyamalan's touch, this Visit should be around for awhile.

[7] Scouts Vs. Zombies

Scouts Vs. Zombies

Cub Scouts try and stop Zombies from taking over their small town? This uber cool tale plays like Stand By Me meets Zombieland and 2015 is much a better year for horror because of it.

[8] Demonic


With the always solid Maria Bello top lining this cast, this film comes to us with "James Wan Presents" above the title. The marketing department has even recalled the Amityville Horror artwork, as it tells this tale of people trying to conjure the dead and the consequences of that. In a day and age where everything on the news is borderline horrific or comical, it is nice to have a film that gives us a good, old fashioned scare.

[9] Knock, Knock

Knock Knock

Nobody is going to tell the tale of two stranded hotties plotting to hurt Keanu Reeves better than Eli Roth. As one of horrors smartest headmasters, Knock Knock, in many ways, plays as something that could be also be translated to the theater. Roth has taken a simple concept, casted it up in an interesting way, and given us a movie that really tries to push the limits of its genre and setting.

There you have it. Those are the scariest movies being released in 2015. We've seen some, and others are creeping up on us soon. Are you excited for any of these releases? Or do you hate horror movies? Let us know if we missed something below!