Before Guardians of the Galaxy ever made it into theaters, director James Gunn promised his sci-fi adventure would be filled with more Marvel references and cameos than any movie released to date. And the man did not disappoint. With this particular chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the studio is able to not only provide subtle nods for die-hard fans, but also set up more important elements in the overall arc being played throughout all of the movies. Here, we get to explore parts of the Marvel galaxy yet undiscovered on film, and some of the secrets and references are hard to notice on that first, second and even third viewing!

We've gathered nine of the coolest Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs for you here, which you may have missed. These mostly hint at a bigger universe to come. There are also inside jokes and references that tie in other aspects of the Marvel world, some of which may never come into play in terms of the bigger picture. They're just included for fun. Before you go see this cosmic cavalcade of awesomeness in theaters again, we have a comprehensive breakdown of all the Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs and obscure Marvel comic book references for you to discover and enjoy. (WARNING: There will be MAJOR SPOILERS!)

3 Director and Actor Cameos

Stan Lee in <strong><em>Guardians of the Galaxy</em></strong>

Two of these cameos are plainly obvious, while the other two are hiding in plain sight. Marvel legend Stan Lee, who has had a cameo in every Marvel Studios movie, is seen early on as an Alien world playboy, as he chats up two attractive women on Xandar. He becomes the subject of a rant delivered by Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). Lloyd Kaufman, the Troma Studios founder who gave James Gunn his start, is seen as one of the inmates in the Kyln Prison, and has fun yelling at Gamora (Zoe Saldana) upon her arrival. While you'll hardly recognize him, Nathan Fillion, who starred in James Gunn's first two features Slither and Super, is seen as a massive blue alien during a Kyln scene, where he reveals that he wants to "lather up" Chris Pratt's Peter Quill. Rob Zombie may have the most obscure cameo of them all, voicing the Ravagers' navigator aboard their ship.

Are you a fan of all these Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs? Are there any we missed? Chime in with your thoughts below.