Trainwrecks. We see them, we know they're coming and at the same time there's something in us that can't look away. Many of us have heard stories of Hollywood films that almost cast this or that actor in a role they were highly unsuited for. At the same time, there is that part of us that can't help but wonder (and wish) that said actor had actually played that role. Tinseltown is littered with these kinds of bullet dodging stories. With Superhero films being such big business today, it only seems right to delve into the archives and examine some of these near misses. The kind of near misses that would have had resounding effects on cinema and comic book lore for decades to come. We give you 9 Horrible Superhero Casting Ideas That Almost Happened...

1Nicolas Cage as Superman

Nicolas Cage as Superman

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Nicolas Cage wasn't always the actor that he is today. Long before he did such films as The Wicker Man and Left Behind, he was an Academy Award winning actor who made turns in such films Raising Arizona and Valley Girl the thing of legend. However, Clark Kent he is not. The script for this incarnation was going to be from Kevin Smith. At the time this made sense. Kevin Smith had a pedigree in comics and his hand on the pulse of youth culture. Kevin Smith even noted that one of the problems might be Nicolas Cage's hairline. Sadly, the problem is that of trying to put a square into a round hole. Nicolas Cage, despite what we think of him now, is a layered actor. He is not a Hollywood everyman. The last thing kids need when they go to the movies is to be scared of Superman. We are not 100% sure why this version of the Man of Steel got shelved, but that probably had something to do with it. That and the fact that Cage is ultimately too subversive for the straight and narrow nature of this role. The new film The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? tells the entire story.

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