According to Variety, the world's oldest jobbing film director, Portugal's 96-year-old Manoel de Oliveira, will shoot a sequel to Luis Bunuel's tale of high-class prostitution, sadism and sexual liberation, Belle de jour.

Belle toujours will topline French actress Bulle Ogier, Oliveira said in Barcelona on Wednesday. He offered the lead to Catherine Deneuve, who starred in Bunuel's original, but she passed, Oliveira added.

Shooting in France next year, pic will be produced by Miguel Cadilhe at Filbox, which is based in Oliveira's native city of Oporto in Portugal.

In Bunuel's original, a haute bourgeois wife locked into a frigid marriage and abused as a child takes a day job at a brothel where she is humiliated by clients. Her matrimonial relations improve.

Oliveira didn't detail the sequel's contents but it looks likely to stress the longevity of beauty and desire.