Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets: & The Goblet Of Fire: The BBC attended the extravagant launch party of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets DVD yesterday. It took place at Leavesden studios, near London, where the next film, The Prisoner of Azakaban, is currently being shot. The Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts School had been recreated especially for the event. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) and his co-stars Rupert Grint (Ron), and Emma Watson (Hermione) made their entrance in the blue Ford Anglia that featured in The Chamber of Secrets, this time avoiding the Whomping Willow. Many of the films stars were there, plus other celebrity guests.

In a conversation with David Heyman, producer on all of the Harry Potter movies, it was revealed that pre-production was proving so lengthy on The Goblet of Fire (the fourth Potter book) that it maybe too much for a single movie. He said,"We started work on the script last Monday. We're going to shoot it as one and see how it ends up. If it's too long then we'll make it into two."{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

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Cast members and director Chris Columbus said they were looking forward to the next instalment in the saga, The Order of the Phoenix, which is being published on June 21st. But with the fifth book clocking in at a chapter longer than The Goblet of Fire, just how long could the movie saga be?

In addition, today, Harry Potter fans all over the world will soon be able to join Harry, Ron and Hermione in their second year at Hogwarts with an extra features-loaded double disc DVD that will leave the world spellbound. The DVD delivers another adventure with more magic, more laughs and more thrills and with 19 additional/extended scenes, self-guided tours including background characters, an exclusive interview with author J.K. Rowling and screenwriter Steve Kloves and all-new interactive challenges.

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