Friday the 13th:Horror DVDs has learned some new info about the proposed 5 disc set of Friday the 13th DVDs scheduled to hit this fall...

DVD File owner, Peter Bracke, has been dropping nuggets of information about the upcoming Friday the 13th box set due this fall. Those expecting special editions and director's cuts of each film like Paramount did with the Star Trek serious will be sadly disappointed. None of the films will be presented uncut, and supplements will only be added to selected films and the bonus disc. The set will be broken down into 5 discs, with 2 films on each disc (one on each side) and a fifth bonus disc. Here is a breakdown of the supplements currently known today: RELATED: Corey Feldman Says Friday the 13th Legal Battle Is Resolved, Wants a Tommy Vs. Jason Movie

Film Extras:

* Commentary on Part 3 with the cast, including Richard Brooker, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner and Dana Kimmell

* Commentary on Part 6 with director Tom McLoughlin

* Commentary on Part 7

* Commentary on Part 8

Bonus Disc:

* Uncut footage for Parts 1, 6 and 7

* TV footage of Part 4

* New featurettes with interviews from the Fangoria Friday the 13th reunion last year, as well as Sean Cunningham, Joseph Zito, Tom McLoughlin, John Carl Buechler, Rob Hedden and Tom Savini

* Total supplements will run over 3 hours

Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming collection...