Dawn Of The Dead: According to a scoop over at Creature Corner reporter from Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors in New Jersey, a 3-5 disc version of George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead may be closer then we all think:

In the spring of 2004, AB is planning a three-to-five disc DVD of Dawn of the Dead for your consumption. Right now, both the theatrical and "uncut" editions of the film are set in stone, with negotiations underway to obtain the European cut, called Zombi over there.
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Not too many features are known of (or could be spoken of, I would guess) at this time, but a first-ever commentary by producer Richard Rubenstein is planned, as well as one with Romero and Savini (a must) and loads more, I'm sure. Especially if they manage to fill up five freakin' DVDs worth of extras...

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.