Dawn Of The Dead: An overseas reader over at Creature Corner sent in a suppoed description of the Dawn Of The Dead remake trailer over the weekend. Take a look:

"We just got back from seeing 'SWAT' (we're a bit behind in Japan) and one of the trailers was for 'Dawn of the Dead.' It has the same creepy kid as on the poster. RELATED: Watch the First Living Dead Museum Tour at the Monroeville Mall with Sean Clark

Basically it's around daybreak and the camera follows a little blonde girl in her pajamas wakling through a seemingly deserted house. She goes into what seems to be her parents' bedroom. Then there's an abrupt cut showing the girl from the bed's perspective and she is obviously a creepy little zombie. Sort of like a blood covered Dakota Fanning. A great money shot."

In addition, new photos from the set of the film are now online over at Wet 'n Wild Radio's site! CLICK HERE