The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: In a recent post over at Ain't It Cool, a scooper revealed what might be a deleted 'spoof' scene on the Two Towers DVD. No one is entirely sure if the scene will make the disc, but it's an amusing story none-the-less:

Some of my lowly Kiwi spies have informed me that Viggo Mortensen made up in Aragorn's scruffy unkept beard filmed a scene a few days ago with Hugo/Elrond aka Mr. Smith for THE RETURN OF THE KING. It was a scene where Elrond comes into Aragorn's tent wearing a hooded cape that kept his face hidden in darkness. Jackson shot the scene a dozen times at least. In this scene Hugo slowly and with a certain amount of drama removes the hood from his face to seriously talk with Viggo. Due to various reasons Hugo kept blowing his lines, so Peter shot it over and over. Finally the Director called for the insurance, or Champagne shot, and they ran thru it all for one final take with Elrond stepping into the scene face hidden from the view of all in attendance, buuuuuut this time when he slowly exposes his face he had on a pair of his patented "Mr. Smith" sunglasses and says something along the line of, "Join with the MATRIX, Mr. Aragorn" in his best deadpan delivery. Mr. Jackson then called for the scene wrap.
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