Dodgeball 2:CS! recently received word from a reader that a sequel to the Ben Stiller / Vince Vaughn comedy, Dodgeball, may be in the works over at 20th Century Fox.

I met ED's Justin Long at the Rio Ranch and Conference Centre here in New Mexico last week. He's filming a movie in the area called Dreamland with John Corbett. RELATED: Why Dodgeball 2 Will Never Happen

Long story Short: We gushed about Dodgeball and he had some good news for fellow fans - the film was a huge hit at cinemas, and the director has been contacted by the studio about doing a sequel sometime this year. Justin said he's yet to be contacted about it, but he's heard third-hand that it'll be 'everyone' back.

Dodgeball grossed $166.7 million worldwide and stars Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, and Rip Torn.