The trailer for A Dog's Way Home has arrived and you just might need some Kleenex while watching it. Bryce Dallas Howard voices the adorable dog Bella, who becomes separated from her family and makes a long journey to return to them. The film is based off of W. Bruce Cameron's book of the same name, which is a sequel to the best-selling A Dog's Purpose. Howard took on the role after reading the first book, which was also turned into a film. The actress notes that the movie was able to help her family deal with the death of their cat.

Right from the start of A Dog's Way Home trailer, you can tell things are going to get emotional. Lucas Ray rescues his puppy Bella and his life changes forever. Lucas smuggles her into his building and decides to risk taking her to his job, where she provides therapy dog services for veterans in his hospital on the down low. Bryce Dallas Howard provides the voice and the inner-most thoughts of Bella, admitting that she loves to chase squirrels, which is how she gets lost and sent on a 400-mile journey to try and return to Lucas.

While A Dog's Purpose was more of a tearful movie, A Dog's Way Home is more of an adventure film, according to Bryce Dallas Howard. While there's certainly adventure to be found, especially when Bella comes face to face with some wolves, there's also some pretty emotional components as well. When asked about the movie, Howard had this to say.

"With this movie, it's really emotional and it gets you. But I would say it's fun. There's a lot of fun, there's a lot of adventure. The movie is driven by the drive of this dog to find her way home and be reunited with her person. I think it's really appropriate for younger kids."

During the aforementioned scene with the wolves, Bella is protected by a Cougar, which seems pretty strange. However, Bryce Dallas Howard was able to explain why the cougar rescued Bella instead of eating her. The actress also praised author W. Bruce Cameron's ability to write about the relationships between animals and humans.

"Bella was raised by a cat and in turn, she ends up being best friends with a cougar! W. Bruce Cameron writes about animals and their relationships with human beings. It genuinely acknowledges the emotion of it and how intense it is."

It seems that the trailer for A Dog's Way Home pretty much gives the entire movie away, but there's still plenty of story left to be told. Befriending a Cougar in the wild, 400 miles away from her owner is just the tip of the iceberg. In the end, the movie looks like the perfect family film to get together and watch, especially if you have any pets. You can watch the trailer for A Dog's Way Home below, thanks to the Sony Pictures YouTube channel. The film hits theaters on January 11th.

A Dog's Way Home poster