Deadline is reporting that a TV series version of director Martin Scorsese's 1990 mob classic Goodfellas, written by written by Nicholas Pileggi is in the works.

Nicholas Pileggi is likely to write at least the pilot episode. Warner Bros. TV is interested in the series, although several studios want it.

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Nicholas Pileggi, who first told Henry Hill's story in a book titled "Wiseguys", upon which Goodfellas is based, said:

"In Goodfellas, Henry Hill opened up and gave up everything," Pileggi said. "He had the pressure of testifying under oath, and, if they caught him in a lie, he was going to prison and he'd have been dead in 10 minutes. I was just lucky enough to be like a stenographer as this guy talked about what it was like to want to be gangster. You could never have made that stuff up."

There's not many people who don't love Goodfellas, but can a TV version do its legend justice? Especially since we had The Sopranos, and now Boardwalk Empire.