Hellboy: A slew of different sites got a chance to see the trailer for the upcoming comic adaptation, Hellboy. Take a look at what SuperHero Hype had to say about the viewing:

The trailer opens with various shots of John Myers (Rupert Evans) entering the BPRD, which is sort of this high-tech looking 'Man from U.N.C.L.E' sort of place. He quickly descends into the lower levels to meet the rest of the gang. Lots of quick action shots of, Hellboy, Liz, Abe and company - all very cool. Director del Toro really seems to have balanced the absurd yet brilliant concept and mixed it with the proper amounts of thrills and humor. One shot of Hellboy chomping on a stogie made me laugh out loud, (in a good way) it was all just so perfect. The beasties also look very menacing and there are lots of them too. Although we were told the CGI effects in the trailer were 30% completed, still they looked pretty awesome to me! The trailer ends with a kick-ass shot of Hellboy doing some serious damage with the stone fist on a moving auto that is stopped dead and flips over his head.
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Stay tuned for the official trailer hitting the site this Thursday!