On November 18th The History Channel presents an in-depth look at the life and career of the 7th President of the United States - Andrew Jackson. Most people are familiar with Jackson only because his picture is on the twenty dollar bill. But there is much more to this man than his photo on our money. This show reenacts many of the incidents in his life that added to his reputation of being one of the most popular presidents in history.

Jackson was a tough man. As a matter of fact, his toughness was the reason he got his nickname "Old Hickory," because hickory is a tough wood. For a man who was a hellion as a kid, he took his inner toughness and forged ahead for the greater good of the country. His deep hatred for the British came out of his being captured along with his brother during the Revolutionary War and taken prisoners, where they both contracted smallpox. His brother died, but Andrew lived and went on to fight the British again.

This duel-fighting man might not seem like the model character for the Presidency, but he served two terms (1829-1837) and was the founder of the modern Democratic Party. Jackson's real passion was breeding and racing horses, but he proved that he could also run a country and also cause some controversy with his behavior. Some of his actions were not what we would call "humane" today, however he was a cunning man with a love for his country.

This show will give viewers a good look at the man, his life, his career, his presidency, and his reputation that still keeps him among the top most respected Presidents in US history.

Andrew Jackson airs Sunday November 18th at 8:00 PM on The History Channel.