I've never had to admit that I was sorry to see a summer-season end, but Monk, Psych and, especially, Burn Notice, all fom USA Network really kept things moving through the dog-days.

Alas, all good things (as they say) must come to an end. Luckily, with that end, comes a new beginning...

...and, so the Fall TV season has been trickling onto the tube. Desperate Housewives delivered nothing but regurgitaion (although they tricked my DVR into thinking it was a new episode). So, in a nutshell, ABC starts off the new season with a disappointment of a Sunday night. They do, however, promise that the aforementioned soapy comedy will be new and preceded by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, with a 2 hour season lead-in. We'll give the alphabet net a pass on Sunday and say that they really made up for it by Tuesday. Last night's 90 minute Boston Legal bow delivered sex, comedy, satire and politcal commentary. What more could we ask for. As one of my top 3 shows, this promises to be another great season, with Spader leading the season with a well deserved little statue for his performance.

Probably my favorite show, The Unit, also opened its season, for the eye network, last night. Holy SH*T! A show that may have become somewhat formulaic (although infinitely enjoyable), last year has really changed it up. Fans of the show can see no plausible way that the show can fall back onto the tracks that it previously occupied (let's face it... even if the team fixes all the problems and salvages their reps, how will it ever go back to the way it was?). That said, this show is written, acted, shot and edited like a weekly action mini-movie. I love it and the opener did not disappoint (other than ending after only 60 minutes).

Fox has given us 2 weeks, now, of "new season" on Prison Break and K-Ville. Both dramas are satisfactory, for Monday TV, although I'm affraid the prisoners are falling prey to formula and we find ourselves with another incarceration that must be solved. As for the follow-up police drama set in New Orleans, our buddy cops look as though they'll find a rythm, although it is starting just slightly slow. The stories need to pick up the beat just a bit in order to really capture viewers. For now, though, both of these shows occupy prominent location on my DVR on Mondays.

In addtion to the above, we've also been served new episodes of:

House and Bones, both of which currently await viewing, tucked safely on my DVR.

How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement have also both returned, with decent comedic openers and make for a light break in all the heavy drama and action served up for the season. Friday night will see the light-hearted Las Vegas return, sans Mr. Caan. We await, though, the execution of Selleck's new role to pass judgement on the season. The show premiers Friday.

Of course, everyone wants to hear about Heroes. I've purposely avoided it until I can dive into Season 1 on DVD and fill in the holes. Once I do that, I'll play DVR catch-up and report on that.

Beyond the returning fare, there are tons of new shows to check out:

Big Shots, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Journeyman and... many more than I can mention in this one piece.

For TV Junkies everywhere, this TV season is shaping up to be a pretty heavy feast. There's definitely something for everyone, as the nets launch new shows helter-skelter to see what will land on its feet. Rest assured, more than half the shows you'll invest your time in will be cut out from under you by mid-season. Such is the game of network roulette that plays out every year. Don't let it break your heart. It's nothing personal, only (show) business.

Let us know your thoughts on these (or any) new shows and, of course, all the returning eps.

TV Junkies... let's hear it!