Kill Bill: A set report has gone up for Quentin Tarantino's latest at Ain't It Cool!

"I was recently an extra in the House of Blue Leaves segment. We spent a week filming and let me say that from what we've seen this film is going to be something special, certainly not Pulp Fiction 2 or a rehash of Quentin's earlier work. The scenes we shot were almost entirely dialogue free, and the dialogue we did hear was in Japanese (from Uma)."

Ain't It Cool also scored some cool photos of the Japanese Girl Punk Band "The 5,6,7,8's" who are featured prominately in the film!

CLICK HERE for the flyer!

CLICK HERE for picture 1.

CLICK HERE for picture 2.

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There is also some REAL AUDIO samples of the band right here containing the music as well as some voice overs of Quentin stating why he has them in his film!

Tron 2.0:Ain't It Cool also has posted some very cool images from Tron 2.0! Check them out...

CLICK HERE for image 1!

CLICK HERE for image 2!

CLICK HERE for image 3!

The Waiting: Wes Craven has made it official and purchased the script for The Waiting written by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White! Variety describes the script as "a supernatural thriller along the lines of The Omen and What Lies Beneath.

The story centers on a woman who believes she's communing with the spirit of her recently dead child, but it turns out much worse than that. Before moving to this, Craven is set to direct PULSE, also for Dimension, this fall.

Thanks to Cinescape for the scoop!

King Kong: So, you've been wondering what Peter Jackson has been planning after he finishes the Lord Of The Rings epic huh? Well, as we said earlier, Jackson has always wanted to do a remake of King Kong and it looks like Universal is going to give him his chance! Read the script review over atTNMC! CLICK HERE

Colin Farrell: Colin Farrell did an interview for IGN this week. You'll want to check it out due to the juicy bits he reveals on shooting with Tom Cruise and Speilberg as well as his involvement in his upcoming role on Daredevil! CLICK HERE

Stay tuned...~Brian