Kill Bill:Ain't It Cool News got a scooper reporting in on a blow-by-blow description of the Kill Bill trailer!!! Here's a taste:

It opens with a shot of an airplane flying overhead. Then the music kicks in (wish I could tell you where it’s from because it does ad quite a bit to the kick-ass nature of the whole thing). Screen goes black and in big, red block letters it reads "MIRAMAX FILMS PRESENTS". Fade out. "THE 4TH FILM". Fade out. "BY QUENTIN TARINTINO". Fade out. Then you hear Quentin say "Action!" in the background as a figure wearing motorcycle leathers opens a car trunk. Quick cut to Lucy Liu walking down a hallway with what looks to be her badass entourage behind her (including preteen girls in sailor outfits). Cut to Uma on the back of a motorcycle riding through the streets of Japan/China. Cut to an extremely brief shot from some sort of soirée. Cut to Uma, with her back to the camera, sitting at a bar. Another card comes up; it reads: "UMA THURMAN".

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Indiana Jones 4: Rick McCallum spoke about the 4th Indiana Jones movie in issue #64 of the Star Wars Insider. Thanks to a transcription by, we can take a look at what he had to say:

“That’s what the plan is. Hopefully, the film will be completed by 2005.” He noted that the plan is dependent on getting a screenplay that everyone likes.

Fans who worry that second Lucasfilm production might distract from Episode III have nothing to fear. “Steven Spielberg is directing and Frank [Marshall] is producing, so even though George will have written the story for it - the screen play is being written by Frank Darabont now - we’ll be making Star Wars, so we’re locked away, basically, and they’ll go ahead and make Indy.”{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Considering the prospect of both an Indiana Jones and Star Wars movie coming out in 2005, McCallum remarked, “I think it would be a wonderful summer for Lucasfilm. They’d be separated by enough time that they won’t compete directly with other.”

The Amazing Spider-man: rumors are rampant right now about Australian actor Ingo Rademacher, who has a major role in "General Hospital", might be playing either Doc Oc or The Lizard in the Spider-man sequel! Superhero Hype got some news from 2 different scoops:

HEY SHH! My wife found an article in the soap opera digest that said that an actor from GENERAL HOSPITAL, character name JACKS or JAX is being considered to play the role of DOCTOR OCTOPUS in the next SPIDERMAN flick. It also said that the actor will be interviewed by E.T. or Extra. so stay tuned!

THE NEW DOC OC? ...I just read the STAR CELEBRITY magazine and a australian actor is being considered for the role of either DOC OC or THE LIZARD. He has a weird name but his name in the soap opera (GENERAL HOSPITAL) is JAX. The article was saying that he was overheard telling his costars that he is being considered for one of these roles!

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: Claire Daines recently talked with Sci-Fi Wire about her upcoming role in Terminator 3:

"I play Kate Miller," Danes said in an interview. "She is a veterinarian who's engaged to a conservative, pleasing-to-the-folks kind of man. And she is abducted by the Terminator."

When asked if she would return to T4?:

"Well, I've contracted to do one again," she said. "If audiences would like to see more of me doing this kind of thing, I'm obliged to give it to them. But I don't know if I'm going to make it a habit to pursue every other kind of movie franchise that's out there. I really love doing as many different kinds of work as possible."

Danes added, "John Connor—who is played by Nick Stahl, a really wonderful actor—[comes to her aid], and our adventures unfold. We attempt to fight evil. We do. We give it a good shot. It was neat. Jonathan Mostow, the director, is a really good action director. He understands suspense and tension. It's going to be tight. It's going to be a really cool, fast chase."

Freddy vs. Jason:Bloody-Disgusting has posted a rumor which I thought would be an interesting read for fans of the film:

"Rumor has it that the trailer for Freddy vs. Jason will premire during the release of The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. This came from a certain source in It will start with Freddy's theme and a camera is twirling around the hockey mask and then when the mask is in the center of the screen the glove will come crashing through. I believe the source and hopefully we wont be disappointed!"

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

Our take:
{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@} Makes sense. Not too much production involved in the teaser. And with Lord Of The Rings being Newline's #1 string of films, why not promote the movie starring characters who got you where you are today?

American Wedding:Dark Horizons has a big scoop about the upcoming 3rd installment in the American Pie series.

'The boys (referring to Stifller, Jim, finch and kevin) walk into a gay bar and come up to a guy called 'bear', the character Searcy was offered. He said it called for the boys to take a look at Bears very hairy chest...and to ask why he doesn't just shave it..and he says he doesn't have to because (then he turns around to flash them), as his arse is in such good shape... and it called for him to wear those type of trousers with the holes for the buttocks to show through...

So Searcy says he does the screen test and they send it to the stuido and it comes back that he is playing the scene too much and it's offending to gay people.. well, he says' I can't play gay any differently, when my arse is sticking out of my pants' was funny..everyone in the class were chocking on laughter.. so i presume the scene is still in the movie.. and I think this ties into the whole wedding concept.. I guess it's one of their bucks night... and they must walk into the wrong bar."

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X-Men 2: The official X-Men 2 movie site has posted some new stills, including better looks at some of the major characters in the film. CLICK HERE

In addition, new Wolverine, Rogue, & Nightcrawler shots are up at Ain't It Cool News. CLICK HERE

Also, the first look at Jubilee is up at Comics Continuum! CLICK HERE

Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio has recently become a very busy man. You'll start to see a lot more of him in the next few years with back to back projects lined, and waiting in the wings. With the release of both Catch Me If You Can and Gangs Of New York this December, you're guaranteed to get that long awaited fix of DiCaprio.

In addition to the blockbusters hitting this Christmas you can expect to see DiCaprio in a slew of films being production very soon:

- The Aviator, where DiCaprio will star in the biopic of Howard Hughes.

- Baz Luhrmann's Alexander, based on the story of conqueror Alexander The Great.

- The Good Shepard, directed by Robert DeNiro, where he'll play a young Yale grad who gets recruited to found the CIA.

Christina Ricci: According to CHUD, Christina Ricci is set to star along side Charlize Theron in the upcoming drama, Monster. Monster is based on a true story, will follow Theron as Aileen Wuornos who some say is this nations first female serial killer.

Fast & The Furious 2: John Singleton talks about the film in a new video clip posted by NBC6. To watch the clip, CLICK HERE

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up.

Solaris: George Clooney talked to Coming Soon recently about his role in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film, Solaris. For the entire interview, CLICK HERE

Truth, Justice, & The American Way: The biopic of the life of George Reeves, who played the first Superman on TV, has gotten into recent trouble according to IGN Filmforce:

"The Polish brothers have been fired off the film and (Miramax is) looking for another director," our source reveals. "That's the hold up. The film is still a go, but casting won't be geared up again until (the studio hires) a new director. Talks are going on now." There's no word yet on who will replace them.

Thanks to 'Stax'

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The official trailer will be released in front of Star Trek: Nemesis on December 13th. Thanks to 'Stax'

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: A new pic of Wormtongue is online! javascript:;|CLICK HERE

Ocean's 12: George Clooney appeared on Entertainment Tonight & Access Hollywood last night where he talked about a sequel to Ocean's 11. He said the will IS going to happen, but not for a long time.

Garfield: A CG movie, based on the "Garfield" comic strip will be helmed by director Peter Hewitt (Thunderpants).

Pirates Of The Caribbean: A shot of the ship's hull is now online at Countingdown. CLICK HERE

Eight Crazy Nights: Send some wacky Eight Crazy Nights based holiday e-cards to your friends & family! CLICK HERE

Extreme Ops: In a bizarre marketing campaign, Extreme Ops is offering up official snow reports for whatever area of the country you are interested in. To check this thing out, CLICK HERE

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