The film Oprah Winfrey Presents: Mitch Albom's for One More Day is based on his book, For One More Day. The film stars Michael Imperioli as Chick Benetto, a has-been baseball player who is languishing in his current life. The film is told through flashbacks. Chick's father was a tyrannical man who was almost brutal in his desire for his son to make it big in baseball. He pushed him to the limit. But his mother was more into education and reading. She wanted her children to have a good education.

A rift in the family forces his father to leave and Chick finds himself in a broken home. He rarely sees his father, but his mother is a kind and devoted mother to her family. Chick is devastated when she dies.

Later in life Chick is a broken man, an alcoholic with dark thoughts who wants to commit suicide. One night he has an accident and while he is unconscious he meets his deceased mother (Ellen Burstyn) who takes him on a journey to see what his life was actually like. In the same way Scrooge was changed by a look at the past and the future, and George Bailey learned what really mattered in It's a Wonderful Life, Chick Benetto learns things about himself and his family that he had never known. He also learns he has one chance to change things. He is currently estranged from his daughter and doesn't see his family at all, but after this one last day with his mother, he recognizes his downfalls and how he can change the path on which he is currently headed.

That one more day with his mother was all he needed. After he regains consciousness from his car crash, Chick finally reunites with his daughter and tells her the story of his amazing visit with his mother. This is a predictable film but one that is sure to touch the hearts of viewers. It airs Sunday, December 9 from 9-11 PM ET/PT on ABC.