Catherine Bell is Cassie Nightingale, a mysterious woman who moves into an old house in a small town with the intention of putting down roots. Cassie also opens a mysterious shop in town called, Bell, Book and Candle, which harkens viewers back to the movie by that name about witches. Cassie sells candles, oils, potions, masks, and everything to help with personal problems facing residents. She has a better understanding of people and the human condition than most and manages to ingratiate herself to many of the townsfolk. However some residents don't feel she is the kind of person they want living in their upright -and uptight - town. She's a free spirit and the town is straight and narrow.

Cassie meets Police Chief Jake Russell (Chris Potter), a widowed father of two who is intrigued by this beautiful woman who has moved into the long-abandoned and legendary "Grey House" which kids in the town feel is haunted. He is taken with her ease about life and the casual manner in which she faces everything. To say she is enchanting is putting it mildly. Cassie wins the hearts of Russell's two children and others in the town, and although she is a newcomer, she begins to feel at home there. However the Mayor's snooty busybody wife has other plans for the new resident, which involves closing down her shop and booting her out of town.

When her store is vandalized, she considers leaving and finding another place to call home, even though she loves the town and most of the residents. But the Chief is not about to let some hoodlums run her out of town. Cassie has a lot to offer the folks of Middleton, and he wants her to stay. Of course, he also feels a strong affection for the beguiling beauty. He's a man, after all.

This cute movie is enjoyable and pure entertainment. It premiers Saturday, January 19th (9/8c) on Hallmark Channel.