The Matrix Revolutions: The Enter The Matrix Game hits stores with The Matrix Reloaded this Thursday, but thanks to scooper 'Candide', he has already finished the game in which he has revealed a trailer to the 3rd Matrix film, The Matrix Revolutions! Check out the description of the trailer:

Some Huge Explosion…

Sentinels Flying

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Morpheus Holding 2 Automatic Machine Guns

Seraph Kicking Some Bald Dude With a Little Ponytail

Trinity Fighting With Some Leather Hooded Gimp Guy

Wheelchair Guy From OZ running though the ship as it’s exploding

Tidal Wave of machines/sentinels moving across desolate landscape

2 Road Warrior Looking Desolate Folks with guns in the “REAL WORLD”

Sentinels coming right at a hovercraft

Agent Smith Laughing Maniacally… YES, that’s right LAUGHING??!!!?!?!

Sentinels Flying Down In a flaming pit

Ghost And Niobe Piloting The Ship

2 More Road Warrior Desolate People Shooting Some Kind Of Rocket Launcher at Sentinels

More Sentinels and Niobe Flying Around

Neo And Agent Smith Standing In the Pouring Rain…. (super anime take off… .rain splattering all around…. Off their heads…) (The trailer doesn’t have any sound… so it looks like Smith says “something… and then Mr. Anderson…” Then seriously it looks like Neo says “Cut The Shit” seriously. I hope he really says that!

Cut To Niobe who says… “Neo”

Back to Neo and Smith In the Rain… Slowmotion shots of Neo and Smith running towards each other in the pouring rain down a dark street and along the sidewalks on both sides are hundreds of agents all lined up. Can’t make out if it’s hundreds of Smiths or not. Probably is. Neo And Smith Run Up and do a Rocky and Apollo punch! Both proceed to punch each others face at the same time in slow motion… then a shot of them both flying back from the punch… AWESOME!

Trinity Shooting Guns and Flipping

Two people fighting with some laser like gun on a hovercraft

Neo doing a flip and hitting a wall feet first and then pushing off the wall caving the wall in and flying right back….

Hundreds of thousands of sentinels...

Dude in that mech robot screaming and fighting

Trininty fighting that gimp again… doing her signature kick and sending him right through walls

Smith Walking up stairs

Neo and Trinity Kissing In The Matrix

Seraph with 2 guns

Quick shots of Neo… Some Long Haired Cat We haven’t seen yet… wheelchair boy with a gun… Morpheus and Trinity Holding Guns Looks Like In Club Hell…

A subway car coming at the screen

A shot of neo in a room jumping over a FLYING AGENT SMITH who flies right at the screen…

The End….

Thanks again to 'Candide'! Stay tuned this week for some major Matrix Reloaded coverage as we reveal our reviews of the film we caught in action last week!