Moonlighting: According to MovieHole, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd are reportedly interested in doing a film version of their popular 80's TV series "Moonlighting".

Shepherd, talking to GMTV, said she's talked to Willis and both have decided that it could be time to dust Maddie and David off. "...we are dying to do a Moonlighting movie", says the actress. "He (Bruce) said he would, he said he would if Glenn Gordon Caron wrote a good one. Of course I could do it. I'd do it in a second". has spoken to quite a few cast and crew members of the series, in recent times, who say they'd all be keen to bring "Moonlighting" to the big screen. Glenn Gordon Caron and Curtis Armstrong, among others, are raring to go. "Believe me, I think it would be a wonderful thing, and I would do it in a heartbeat. Especially if Glenn were involved, it would be glorious. I would love to take the chance", Armstrong tells the site.

The series centered on model Maddie Hayes and fast-talking private eye David Addison, who team up when Maddie's business manager embezzles most of her fortune, leaving her with her house and the Blue Moon Detective Agency, designed by the wily accountant as nothing more than a tax write-off and consisting of detective David Addison and secretary Agnes Dipesto.