Following its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, Roadside Attractions has released the first clip from A Most Wanted Man. The story follows a half-Chechen, half-Russian who claims he is the heir to his father's illicit fortune, as German and American authorities try to figure out who he really is. This scene features Philip Seymour Hoffman as Günther Bachmann, who explains to Rachel McAdams' Annabel Richter that she has no choice but to tell him all her secrets about the mystery man he is searching for. Director Anton Corbijn's thriller, which co-stars Robin Wright, Daniel Brühl and Willem Dafoe, does not have a domestic release date set at this time, so stay tuned for that announcement. You can also CLICK HERE to check out the international trailer that debuted earlier this month. We also have four new photos featuring the cast.

<strong><em>A Most Wanted Man</em></strong> Photo 1
<strong><em>A Most Wanted Man</em></strong> Photo 2
<strong><em>A Most Wanted Man</em></strong> Photo 3
<strong><em>A Most Wanted Man</em></strong> Photo 4

When a half-Chechen, half-Russian, tortured half-to-death immigrant turns up in Hamburg's Islamic community, laying claim to his father's ill gotten fortune, both German and US security agencies take a close interest: as the clock ticks down and the stakes rise, the race is on to establish this most wanted man's true identity - oppressed victim or destruction-bent extremist?