Legally Blonde 2: We've got links to the official Quicktime trailer for Legally Blonde 2 up right now! CLICK HERE

Catch Me if You Can:UIP Netherlands has posted a new poster for Catch me If You Can, which features the likes of Tom Hanks & Leonardo DiCaprio. To see it, Movie Picture

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: The official soundtrack site has gone live. And, in addition to giving you everything you could ever want to know about the score, they have incorporated the best picture of Gollum's eyes seen anywhere yet! Don't miss out LOTR fans...javascript:;|CLICK HERE

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In addition, we've added to more clips to our ever growing list of TTT media.

CLICK HERE to see an AOL exclusive clip of Aragorn, Gimli, & Legolas running across a vast field. Just as well, that same link will let you experience another clip from E! Online of Frodo & Sam in the Dead Marshes!

Nicholas Nickelby:Yahoo Movies has posted 3 new stills from the production of the Charles Dickens adaptation..CLICK HERE

The Hot Chick:Cinema Confidential has new stills up. CLICK HERE

Empire:Latino Review has posted even more stills from the upcoming John Leguizamo flick. CLICK HERE

Kevin Spacey:CHUD is reporting on Kevin Spacey's new role in a movie, which he will also produce, will be based on the book Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.

"Like 'Oceans Eleven,' it's that story of beating the house, only this story is true," said Michael Nathanson, chief operating officer and prexy of MGM Pictures. "Kevin will play the M.I.T. teacher who is this brilliant ringleader, and there are great parts for a young cast. We want to start production before the end of 2003."

Thanks to 'Rip'

Ethan Hawk: According to E! Online, Ethan hawk will be appearing in a January episode of the TV show ALIAS:

Ethan Hawke's ready to play a spy game. The Oscar-nominated Training Day star has landed a one-episode guest stint on ABC's Alias, playing an errant CIA agent who blows his cover. Series star Jennifer Garner is pressed into duty to rescue Hawke's character, but her efforts are endangered when she learns he may be a traitor. The episode is slated for January.

Hans Zimmer: Composer extrordinaire, Hans Zimmer, recently talked to about his music, the technology of scoring, and the process of making film music. Read the massive interview...CLICK HERE

IMAX Screenings: A breakthrough in remastering technology is making the release of IMAX versions of big blockbuster films more of a reality. According Britain'sGuardian, we might be seeing release of the latest harry Potter movie as well as Lord of The Rings movies on the gigantic 7 story tall screens:

Although Imax bosses yesterday refused to divulge which film would be first to be seen at the same time as it was released in conventional cinemas, there is strong speculation it could be the third instalment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Imax's joint chief executive Brad Wechsler said the company planned to release one remastered classic "like Lawrence of Arabia, and two big event-type pictures like Harry Potter III and Lord of the Rings on the same day as the normal release next year".

Imax technicians in Toronto have done tests on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and the first Lord of the Rings film. Its director, Peter Jackson, said: "This is the way I dreamt my movie would be shown."{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Mr Wechsler said if the third part of the Rings were shown, it would not be cut, unlike Apollo 13, which lost nearly a fifth of its length in the transition to the very big screen. Star Wars was also cut, apparently because Imax projector booths cannot handle films longer than two hours. "We will probably have to put in an intermission for the public to recover, it might be a little overwhelming for them. Imax are not like normal cinemas, it's far more full-on," Mr Wechsler said.

For the full article, CLICK HERE

Ghostbusters 3 & Analyze That 3: Recently IGN Filmforce talked to Analyze That director, Harold Ramis, and star Billy Crystal, about the upcoming film. During the interview, Filmforce asked Ramis about the progress of a 3rd Ghostbusters movie, and the possibility of a 3rd outing for the Analyze That characters. Here's what he had to say:

"We're going to combine them," said Ramis. Acknowledging actor Robert De Niro on his right, he explained, "Bob thinks he's seeing ghosts so Billy calls the Ghostbusters."

"Who am I'm gonna call?" said Crystal as if he wouldn't call anyone else.

"And these three very aging fat guys come in in really tight jumpsuits," said Ramis.

"Pantsbusters," said Crystal.

"I don't think it's going to happen," said Ramis.

"We played around with it, but this one I can't see."{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

Note the new issue of Scr(i)pt magazine (Nov/Dec, 2002). Within its pages is an interview with Harold Ramis by journalist David Cohen. Of Ghostbusters 3, Ramis told Cohen: "I wrote a draft though, we had a pretty good idea – Ghostbusters go to hell. But the deal couldn't be made."

"It's sad that the economics became so overwhelming," said Cohen.

"It is," said Ramis. "We thought we'd introduce new Ghostbusters and appear as the mentors of the new Ghostbusters or not appear in it at all. Bill Murray wouldn't appear in it. I think he didn't want to see a sequel made, so he became kind of obstructionist about it."

"It's hard to do it without him," said Cohen.

"Well, it could have been three new Ghostbusters without any of us," said Ramis, "and the story Dan (Aykroyd) and I were evolving could have worked."

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