Mark Hamill has given the real reasoning behind A New Hope reshoots. It's the 40 anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, so Hamill has been asked a lot of questions about the original trilogy over the last few weeks. It's pretty amazing how much time the Star Wars actor devotes to answering fan questions on social media, while even giving the occasional birthday shout out. With that being said, he can also come online to provide corrections when mistakes are reported.

A new article was recently published about Mark Hamill's thoughts on keeping The Empire Strikes Back secret for over a year, which doesn't sound fun. The article also went into the making of A New Hope. The article stated that Mark Hamill had to go in for reshoots because he "botched" his last name during the Princess Leia rescue scene. However, that was not the case. Hamill explains.

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"This article states we reshot the rescue of Leia scene because I 'botched' my line. In fact, we had to redo it weeks later, because my name was changed to Skywalker AFTER we did it the 1st time (when my name was still Starkiller)."

Starkiller was the character's original name, but George Lucas decided to go back and change it because it seemed too violent for the hero. Luke Skywalker does have a more hopeful ring to it, so the change was all for the better. Just don't think that Mark Hamill was the reason A New Hope needed some reshoots because that all falls on the shoulders of Lucas, who likes to make changes to the movies as they're being made and even well after they opened in theaters.

It was recently revealed that George Lucas wanted to change The Empire Strikes Back ending by adding some quick scenes. The movie had already been released to 100 theaters before the wide release and Lucas still wanted it changed. The Star Wars creator didn't feel like the end was clear enough in terms of where Luke and Leia are in relation to Chewie and Lando, so he had Industrial Light and Magic go back and rush the scenes 3 weeks before the sequel opened all over the world.

For Mark Hamill, talking about Star Wars might get old after a while, but he never makes it seem that way. It must be nicer than talking politics and dealing with the world's current state of affairs. As for returning as Luke Skywalker, Hamill is pretty sure he's done after The Rise of Skywalker, though anything could happen in the Star Wars universe. But for now, he's okay to finally be done with the iconic character and is looking forward to see where the franchise goes next. You can check out Mark Hamill's Twitter account for the clarification on the reshoots for A New Hope.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick