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The Hulk: The first theatrical banner for Ang Lee's The Hulk has hit the official site! The banner showcases the big green guy himself rampaging though city streets!

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Indiana Jones 4: In an interview up tomorrow at Dark Horizons, Steve Speilberg was quoted as saying the following:

"It was really Harrison who got me into it. He was the guy that said, ‘I want to do one more,’ and he got George and I interested in working with him again, so the script’s being written, I’m going to shoot it late 2004 coming out July ’05 for the July 4 weekend".

In addition, Cindy Perlman of the Chicago Sun Times recently sat down with the director and talked with him about some of the details of Indiana Jones 4. Here's what he had to day:

"I'd like to get Karen Allen back for one soundbite, and there are other Indy girls who had smaller roles who will come back."

What about his own wife, Kate Capshaw, who starred in the second film of the series?

"Maybe or maybe not," Spielberg says. "Frank Darabont, who is writing the script, called me and said, 'I'm not sure we can work her into the script, too.' "

Spielberg adds, "Sean Connery as Indy's pop will be back for a few scenes, and it's set in the early '50s. That's all I'm saying, and I've already said too much."

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: A new trailer for the 3rd movie in the Terminator series hits the web this Wednesday, December 18th, but expect to see some footage tonight on Entertainment Tonight!

"It's a visual feast, this movie, from the beginning to the end," Arnold tells Jann. "It ties together the other movies. An ongoing saga of the machines wanting to take over: the rise of the machines."

"I think that the audience will really be blown away when they see the film," says Arnold, "and blown away by the T-X, the female Terminator, because she's an extraordinary-looking woman -- she's sexy, but at the same time she's a machine, so she plays up the sexy part when she needs to but quickly can snap back into the machine and be very destructive."

Antwone Fisher:Latino Review has interviewed Denzel Washington about his directorial debut. CLICK HERE

Joe's Last Chance: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cedric the Entertainer are in talks to star in a film directed by Andrew Bergman called Joe's Last Chance. Here' the plot according to DH:

Arnie would play a hitman out to kill his target (Cedric) until said target accidentally saves the assassin's life - causing Arnie to rethink the murder and decide to take a vacation.

Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers: Only 3 more days! While you wait we've got some Lord Of The Rings related media for you:

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