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We did it! After 2 days of Lights Out not working properly we have finally fixed all of the problems and are once again 100% fully functional! Why all of the fuss? Because we are now on a newer, faster, and more feature rich server! So, stay tuned for a lot more greatness coming from your good buddies at Lights Out soon! If you happen to run across a problem please e-mail us.

The Lights Out crew will be attending the premiere of a horror movie called The Convent tonight! A full review will be up tomorrow!

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If you haven't seen him in a while you have missed out! javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute is in it's 39th week of syndication! Mr. Pumpkin has joined the show for October and he's got some really creepy Halloween stuff going on! Drop in and say hello to javascript:void(0|Mushy, the world's only clinically insane movie critic, today!

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"Hello World!"

Live in Southern California? In the mood for some horror? Check out The Halloween Film Festival October 26th & 27th!

Ok. You've watched the first episode of Death's End a thousand times, but you want more ZOMBIES! No problem. Check out some some zombie links that you find anywhere else but Lights Out Entertainment, your number one source for rotting corpses.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for a huge independent horror movie review tomorrow! ~Brian

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