Empire Falls:The ZReview received a huge set report from the all star production of Empire Falls recently. Take a look:

"Last week filming of the wedding took place in a local Skowhegan, Maine fitness center between "Walt"(Dennis Farina) and "Janine"(Helen Hunt) who wore an off white wedding dress. It was a terrible rainy day so the indoor filming was a good idea that day. The local paper, Waterville Morning Sentinel reported the following information about the wedding. Many extras from the area were used and many of the cast were present for the wedding(Estelle Parsons, Ed Harris, Jeffery DeMunn, Theresa Russell, and Danielle Pannabaker).The wedding took about 18 hours to film. The reception consisted of ham, pickles, and orange molded Jello rings set amid exercise bicycles and gym equipment. A local band played and although it took all day no dance was ever complete, no song ever played more than a line or two. On Saturday the 18th they did filming at "The Grill" with Helen Hunt (Janine), Adian Quinn(David), Danielle Pannabaker. On Tuesday they were filming at a location in Skowhegan, a driving scene where "Tick" and "Janine" are riding and Tick gets her back pack caught when she gets out of the vehicle and her mother starts to drive off. The sun didn't co-operate with them however so they didn't get the complete scene shot. Today they were in Waterville filming at a local home where young Miles and his mother live. Robin Wright Penn plays the mother, she could be seen hanging out the laundry as she talked to a neighbor. Very chilly weather, about 36 degrees and spitting snow! A scene with the ferry in Lincolnville, Maine was to be shot this week, but due to bad weather it was postponed.

Thanks to DH for the heads up!