Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines: Thanks to a tip by The Arnold Fans we've got a look at what appears to be a new poster for T3! Take a look!

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In addition, The Daily Telegraph recently interviewed Arnold to talk about the new film:

In his place as director is Jonathan Mostow, the lesser-known director of U-571, bringing an outsider's eye to T3 that, even in the mundane, seemingly outstrips the legendary fastidiousness of Cameron.

"It's very strange [without Cameron] because it's his creation, his baby. But, you know, I couldn't wait and no one else could wait for him to say 'OK, let's do the movie'," Schwarzenegger says.

"Mostow measures up. He has a lot of talent, he's very organised and has a great command of the script."

"And even though sometimes it's take after take, he really waits until he gets exactly what he wants."

And while the official hook in the tale is the rise of the ultimate cyborg femme fatale, Schwarzenegger hints that the real twist will be in the swaying allegiance of his character to Connor.

"We're always trying to outdo the last thing. Terminator 2 was extraordinary and I think the way T3 is scripted it also has a chance to be extraordinary," Schwarzenegger says.

"The audience was surprised [in T2] because I started the movie looking like an evil terminator and then actually I became the protector. There was something touching about this big machine with the little kid."

"It's the same here again. I'm programmed to be the protector but things start to go wrong and all of a sudden I change in the movie as well."

"The key thing is that the script has to be smartly written."

Terminator 3 hits theaters on July 2nd and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Kristanna Loken, and Claire Danes. For more info and other multimedia on the film, CLICK HERE